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Established in the late 90s (1998 to be exact) FatCow was launched to be of help to the small and trivial business setups made by people then and also to aid others who were rather new to all this elegance and confident style a business person has.

At reasonably affordable prices the maximum benefits of web hosting were made available to the public via the web hosting company named FatCow. Hence ensuring that even the tiniest set up of any kind of business venture be given the chance to try to expand and using the various plans and web hosting services the company has to offer like Wind-Powered Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated ir Email hosting, get to define their aims throughout the world.

  • FREE domain name
  • $100 Google Adword Credit
  • $100 Bing Ads Credit
  • Included point-and-click website builder
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Custom Emails
  • MySQL Databases
  • GREEN: Powered 100% by wind energy

Fatcow Shared Hosting Pricing

Fatcow Web Hosting

A number of quiet outclass services of web hosting provided by the company FatCow are at reasonable prices thereby allowing more common people to make use of this highly appreciated opportunity of web hosting in different manners as per suited to their needs. Some of the services are mentioned below.

Keeping in mind all these wonderful feature FatCow web hosting has to offer one should definitely make use of some or their struggling businesses and give them a proper platform.

Fatcow GREEN Web Hosting

Fatcow Web HostingThe recently launched idea at the FatCow Web Hosting services, the Wind-Powered Web Hosting will show you how serious we are to maintain our businesses in eco friendly surroundings.

All our offices and data centers are working on wind power thereby ensuring our customers the added joy of playing their part in maintaining the world’s environment too.

Fatcow Reseller & Affiliate Program

Fatcow Web HostingUsing these programmes help increase the chances for all kinds of businesses to be seen at a huge podium around the world.

Furthermore we have the huge variety of partnership web hosting at the FatCow Web Hosting services such as the Referral programme, Reseller programme and Affiliate programme.

The easy to use install wizards within FatCow Web Hosting services provide detailed directions on how to choose, add and excel upon using different applications on your different websites. Photo galleries, blogs etc can be added to make your websites even more attractive and hence proper, colorful yet professional looks can be attained using the tools we provide you with.

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