Hostgator vs SiteGround – Hosting Comparison

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In our previous article we provided you with thorough information about two web hosting service providers, i.e, Hostgator and Mediatemple.

We did a very detailed comparison among both of the facilities to ensure that none of the details get left behind and when you decide the right program according to your use you would not have to go through a list of web pages searching for the right web hosting facility.

We hope to provide you with all the important and minute details in comparison of our previously known Hotgator and our new catch Siteground in this article Hostgator vs Siteground.

For those who read our previous article they will be on a quick pace but as for those who did not get a chance to read it we will be going through some important terms in a quick blink. These terms are not only for basic knowledge but they are things you need to understand and look out for when deciding the proper hosting plan of your choice.

Hostgator vs SiteGround – Speed Performance

First is Bandwidth which is simply a count of the visitors to your website. Second is the Disk space. It is space provided on the server for your website. Third is Email accounts which are mostly favorable for Business sites to give a professional touch to your site.

Pingdom Test – Hostgator vs SiteGround

Hostgator vs SiteGround

Hostgator vs SiteGround

Fourth is the Uptime; which is the time your website stays on the internet. Fifth; the Customer support (Live Support) which is the time for which customer assistance is available on your website. Last is the Speed which is how fast uploading and downloading on your site is.

Shared Hosting Comparison

For our Hostgator vs Siteground comparison in the shared hosting list Hostgator provides the following features:
Having three plans for their customers Hostgator offers single domain in their Hatchling plan (for beginners) and unlimited domains for their Baby and Business plan.

The bandwidth is the same for all three plans, i.e unlimited. And width unlimited disk space in all three packages the Business plan also contains private IP and SSL with free Toll Free Number. It also gives 99.9% uptime, free site-building tolls, $100 Google Adwords offer and more.

Also with it has an ever-efficient live support. And lastly the most important part is its Application hosting, never-ending MySQl databases, email facilities and Green Hosting; for healthy servers with Certified REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits). Hostgator gives a 20% off on each package.

Hostgator vs SiteGround

In Hostgator vs Siteground we now discuss Siteground’s Shared hosting features. Siteground also has three packages namely; StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. StartUp is for beginners earning them only one website with 10GB web space suited for only 10,000 visits per month.

And with more than one website in the other two plans GoGeek holds superiority in terms of 30GB space and almost 0.1 Million visits per month.

For all the three plans the essentials are same; which are 99.9% Uptime, free Domain name, easy mail handling, free setup, good live support, Cpanel, unlimited traffic, free daily Backup and CDN, and lastly the most impressive; 30 Days Money Back guarantee.

Other features which are in higher packs are premium features which include premium support, unlimited database, ssl certificates, speed and a very good backup of your website to ensure maximum security.

VPS Hosting Comparison

Hostgator vs Siteground comparison in VPS category provides a clear difference in the features provided by both of the mentioned facilities. With Hostgator the first thing to be discussed is the wide range of plans offered. Famous by the name of Snappy Hostgator provides 5 plans.

The plans differ each other in terms of Speed, Disk space, IPs provided, Bandwidth and their cost. From the lower to higher features improve, for example, the bandwidth increases from 500 GB in the lowest to 3TB in the highest. A quick skim through their webpage will further clarify.

On buying a plan you get additional software options, excellent live support, free backups, self managing efficient servers, full root access and what not.

On the other hand Siteground also marks its position in the Hostgator vs Siteground comparison. Siteground nurtures 4 plans which include business mostly. All the plans include 5 TB of Bandwidth with 2 GB Ram in the Entry level and 4 GB Ram in the Enterprise level. And with a 20 GB disk on Entry plan to an 80 GB on Enterprise plan you can save all you want.

Customer Support & Live Chat

From Siteground you get extreme live support, super speed, auto-scaling of resources, organized servers, data backups, CDN’s and a lot of other stuff. Also this includes IP tables, domain name, private SSl and much more. For VPS; Siteground provides a flexible budget that just suits you perfect.

Hostgator Other Plans

  • Reseller Hosting – $19.96 per month
  • VPS Hosting – $11.97 per month
  • Dedicated Hosting – $105 per month

Siteground Other Plans

  • Web Hosting – $3.95 per month
  • Cloud Hosting – $54.00 per month
  • Dedicated Hosting – $217.50 per month

Siteground in our Hostgator vs Siteground comparison may lag behind due to unavailability of one of its packs; Entry Server. However for the rest of the packs Siteground provides a very impressive Intel Xeon processor with 12 GB and 16 GB Ram and 5 TB of Bandwidth.

Server Performance

Hostgator vs Siteground

Also it provides 1 TB and 2000 GB of disk space. Essentials include a highly responsive support unit securing your property with work-specific hardware. And lastly it includes SSH access, CDN, cPanel, 5 IPs, PHP versions and all you can ask for in a very pocket-friendly cost.

Hope the article provides a thorough comparison on Hostagator vs Siteground.

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