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Media Temple – Web Hosting Review 2020

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Founded in the later years of the nineteenth century in the city of Los Angeles, Media Temple is considered one of the finest and dedicated web hosting Company ever. Since its creation it has been trying to serve the public by giving shape to their thoughts and ideas online in a manner so they can be perceived easily. Given below are a few of the services the company offers its clients globally.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting with various tools needed to manage the websites the clients create and design is offered. With an upbeat security system logged in and easy to use control panel media temple offers clients time to develop their websites rather than spending it in managing the previous ones.

Media Temple Web Hosting

The Grid it provides is exclusively built on an architecture designed to provide speed, large space and option of keeping the data stored in an efficient manner.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is another of Media Temple web hosting services that speaks for its ownself. Developed by the finest of WordPress designers themselves, Managed WordPress hosting is an epitome of working fast, uniquely and easy way to create WordPress optimized websites and pages.

Media Temple Web Hosting

Furthermore it has a round the clock staff assistance to guide the clients anytime any where regarding any problem they face while setting up or improving their WordPress modified websites. Also the tools desk offered is extremely helpful in designing sites.

VPS Hosting

Next comes the Media Temple Fully Managed VPS hosting with many affordable deals, inspiring ideas and dedicated staff to aid in all kinds of issues. Management is kept going by keeping a close check on OS and application updates, functioning and protective measures against malware of any kind.

Complete backup is provided automatically for the stored data so to help gain it if any malfunctioning occurs and migration of site content and graphics from different hosts can be easily performed.

Media Temple Web Hosting

Any type, size or quality of work can be supported using the Virtual Private Hosting offered by the company. Highly technical tools, hardware and communicative measures with 99.999% guaranteed uptime is available along with ample SSD storage and increased size RAM so to increase the working speed and get better and rapid responses.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server is another one of Media Temple’s various web hosting services. It is basically offered for people who hate clustered sites and can’t stand the use of shared hosting. Such clients are more than happy to run their own space with fast loading speed, easy to handle control panel and the opportunity to be able to host private sites within their box of a dedicated server site.

Media Temple Web Hosting


Lastly Media Temple also provides fully managed Cloud hosting as one of its services for people who are looking for help in launching their campaigns worldwide in better ways. Leaving the DevOps to be managed by the company, clients can actually work on further highlighting and building their designs and websites.

Hence, it can be inferred that while working with many high class brands, corporations, web developers and designers Media Temple has always kept its promise of serving people by leading them to their deserved success via web hosting.

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