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What is web hosting?

There are many different hosting services on the market today, but not all of them are appropriate for everyone because some offer better features while others may be more affordable than others but lack certain crucial features that may prove harmful in the future. If you intend to run your own online business from your website, you should choose shared hosting because it offers essential features like uploading files, creating pages, and blogging

A type of web hosting service called shared hosting enables multiple users to connect to the same server over a network. As long as no websites are simultaneously using all of the server’s resources, you can host as many websites on it as you want. The main advantages of this kind of hosting are its low cost and simplicity of setup, but there are also some disadvantages.

There are three types of shared hosting plans: Basic, Standard, and Plus. Basic plans only give you a certain amount of storage for your website files, database storage, and email accounts. Standard plans give you more storage for databases but not for files, and Plus plans give you unlimited email accounts and file storage.

A shared hosting plan will be adequate if you want to run a blog or create pages for your website because it offers unlimited disk space for files, but if you want to sell products online, I would advise choosing either cPanel-based or WordPress-based shared hosting because these types of servers come with pre-installed shopping cart software, which makes it incredibly simple for anyone who wants to start an online store from their website without having any technical knowledge to do so. If you intend to run a blog, I would advise choosing shared hosting powered by cPanel because it offers a variety of free tools, such as themes and plugins, that make it easier for bloggers to write posts without having to struggle with proper formatting.


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